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Manchester Fire Department Adding Two Lieutenant Positions

The Manchester Fire Department is restructuring its officer ranks by adding two new Lieutenant positions. 

Fire Chief Mike Ryan says this will add some flexibility during their response and it will put command staff directly into burning structures to help with command and control. In past years, he says they’ve always tried to keep officers in the incident command system on the fire ground and not helping with interior attack.

The two Lieutenants will each be compensated at nine hundred dollars per year for their services. Matt Wieser and Jeremiah Davis have been elected to the positions. 

Other officers for the Manchester Fire Department for 2023 include Chief Mike Ryan, Assistant Chief Kevin Graybill, Captains Todd Nylund and Ed Tibbott, Safety Officer Dennis Conrad, Medical Officer Matt Wieser, Secretary Brian McWilliams and Treasurer Randy Rattenborg.


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