Ag Informer – Mexico GMO Ban Could Drag On

If the United States takes its complaint against Mexico’s ban on imports of GMO white corn to a USMCA panel, it could take 155 days — until late December or even January — for a final resolution, although a U.S. victory is likely, said three Ohio State University analysts. Mexico would then have the option of keeping the ban in place and accepting U.S. sanctions because of it.

A 30-day period for technical consultations between the nations ended on Friday. The consultations were the first step toward a formal USMCA challenge. The Biden administration says the ban is not justified on scientific grounds and it should be removed. Mexico originally targeted all GMO corn but narrowed its focus to genetically modified white corn in February.

There was no immediate announcement about the outcome of the consultations.

White corn, used in making tortillas and other food, accounts for around 4% of Mexico’s imports of U.S-grown corn. Mexico is the largest customer for U.S. corn, buying 27% of corn sold to foreign buyers in the 2021/22 marketing year.

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