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Back to School for West Delaware & St. Mary’s

It was back to school for West Delaware and St. Mary’s on Wednesday.

Students at Lambert Elementary in Manchester returned to quite a few changes as the school experienced a lot of renovations over the summer. Principal Rudi Hameister:

There were some improvements made to West Delaware Middle School this summer too. Jacqueline Lahey is serving as the new principal there this year:

And St. Mary’s School students were welcomed back by a new principal too. Her name is Jen Soderblom and she’s a Dundee native who was once a student at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s students and teachers were ready to get the new school year started on Wednesday morning.

Feel free to post your back to school pics (like the one below) under our special post on our KMCH Facebook page!


top photo courtesy of St. Mary’s School; bottom photo courtesy of Brianne Rave

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