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Demo Begins on Buchanan County Health Center Expansion Project

Wednesday was demo day at the Buchanan County Health Center in Independence.

Crews removed part of the hospital’s inpatient wing to make room for construction to begin on their new building. 

In July, the Buchanan County Health Center Board of Trustees approved the final proposal to construct a new, two-story building onto the center’s existing facility for inpatient services, infusion services, and future growth. 

This 37,000 square foot expansion includes several major phases:

  • Partial demolition of existing facilities on the west side of the campus, which includes the former dialysis center. The Buchanan County Health Center is committed to bringing dialysis services back to the community in a new location with updated technology and infrastructure.
  • Construction of the two-story building, which will include inpatient rooms on the second floor allowing a more private and comfortable stay for patients. Infusion services will expand on the first floor.
  • Renovation of a portion of the existing facility to allow for continued service growth and expansion.

The project is being funded by 50-percent of cash reserves that have been set aside for this project over the past several years of planning, in addition to local loans.

The Buchanan County Health Center says they are thankful for this former space and how it has served the community for the past 55 years, but they are excited for what’s to come. “The existing inpatient unit, dating back to the 1960’s, has faithfully served our community for decades; however, as medical technology rapidly advances, it has become imperative to modernize our facilities to meet these changing requirements,” commented Wade Weis, CEO. “By renovating and replacing the outdated unit, we aim to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care in an environment that is equipped with the latest advancements designed to foster healing and well-being close to home.”

The expansion is projected to be completed by December of 2024. 

For more information, or to stay up-to-date on the progress of the building project, please visit BCHealth.org or follow Buchanan County Health Center on Facebook.


photo and image courtesy of Buchanan County Health Center

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