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PETA Erecting Billboard Near Buchanan County Crash Site

PETA is putting up a billboard in Buchanan County following a crash that killed at least a dozen cows last week.

A semi crashed through a guardrail on I-380 last Friday around 3 am, rolling over into Lime Creek below the bridge. The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office says the driver had apparently fallen asleep.

The semi’s cattle trailer was loaded with about 60 cows. Authorities say about twelve to fifteen cows were killed in the crash or died after the accident.

To memorialize the cows killed, PETA plans to erect a billboard near the site, reminding everyone that the crash victims were thinking, feeling individuals. The billboard will feature a cow that says, “I’m Me, Not Meat. See the individual. Go Vegan.”

PETA is urging everyone to help keep cows out of trucks and slaughterhouses in the first place by going vegan.


image courtesy of PETA

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