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City Council Agrees to Allow Elevation of Manchester Alley

City Council Agrees to Allow Elevation of Manchester Alley

A Manchester alley will be elevated to allow for raised development in the floodplain along West Main Street. The alley is located on the north side of West Main from River Street to the Advanced Eyecare Associates building. City Manager Tim Vick explains. The adjacent property owners, Paul Roussell with Bob Stephen Motors and Randy

Moreno and Loughren Win Masonville City Council Seats

Masonville’s two new city council members were literally drawn out of a hat earlier this week. In last Tuesday’s special election, Joe Moreno, Pat Loughren and Mason Gallop each received two votes. A total of ten votes were cast in that election. The Delaware County Board of Supervisors canvassed the election results on Monday. Since

Manchester Man’s Death Ruled Homicide

DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) – The death of a Manchester man who died as he was taken into custody after an incident at a Dubuque bar has been ruled a homicide but not necessarily a crime. The ruling comes in the May 7th death of 43-year-old Chad Cupps, who used to live in Dubuque. John Kraemer

Two Arrested after Manchester Drug Investigation

Two people have been arrested following a drug investigation in Manchester. Manchester Police say the investigation dates back to an incident on April 10th, when they served a search warrant at a home at 817 East Howard Street. During the search, officers discovered several items that led them to believe illegal narcotics were being used

Milk from Iowa State Fair Cows Dumped This Year

All of the milk collected from dairy cows being shown at the 11-day Iowa State Fair will be dumped this year. In years past, the milk was sold to a Des Moines area co-op for production into cheese. This year, however, the longstanding buyer backed out and no one else stepped up. Dairy farmer Doug

Federal Search Warrant Executed in Downtown Dyersville

Federal officials executed a search warrant in downtown Dyersville Tuesday morning. U.S. Attorney Spokesman Tony Morfitt from the Northern District of Iowa confirmed to KMCH that the Department of Homeland Security executed the search warrant, with Dyersville Police providing assistance. He says there have been no arrests and no criminal charges. He did not release