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Iowa Production Crew Needed for New TV Series Based on Field of Dreams Movie

Hollywood is turning the “Field of Dreams” into a TV show.

NBC Universal is going to create a prequel series to the “Field of Dreams” movie that will stream on the Peacock network – and they’re looking for production people in Iowa to help. But the leader of the Iowa Office of Media Production, Liz Gilman, says they won’t be filming at the original movie site in Dyersville.

The movie site is also hosting major and minor league games at the same time the filming for the streaming series will be going on – so the producers will build a set for the series in central Iowa.


Gilman says all types of people are needed here in Iowa to get the production going.


She encourages anyone interested in working on the project to go to and register on their free media production directory.


Gilman says the production and building of the site is the first step in the process. They will also be looking for people to appear in the show.


Gilman says the producers need some dry weather for another key part of the series site.


Gilman says the site is in Polk County, but they are not giving out the exact location yet. Other filming will take place in Mahaska, Clinton and Boone counties.


story courtesy of Radio Iowa; photo courtesy of Field of Dreams Movie Site

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