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Hoptown Hurricanes auction off Demo car at Delaware County Fair

The Demolition Derby is a staple of the Delaware County Fair. For the second year, you can bid your way into a driver’s seat. The Hoptown Hurricanes 4-H club will be auctioning off a derby car. Member Kendyll Rave explains how the auction will work.

Demo Car Auction- 001 :08 Q: will drive


The Rave family has donated this car, which, according to member Adrienne Freiburger, will be decorated by the 4-H Club members

Demo Car Auction- 002 :06 Q: auctioned off


The winner has the opportunity to be in the drivers seat.

Demo Car Auctiom- 003 :11 Q: family member


Alaina Leytem says it’s all about helping the community

Demo Car Auction- 004 : 04 Q: around town


Frieburger explains how the money gets dispersed.

Demo Car Auction- 005 :14 Q: other people


Emilee Supple expressed the clubs gratitude for everyone who’s helping.

Demo Car Auction- 006 :08 Q: fundraiser


The auction will be held Sunday at 1pm, prior to that evenings Demo Derby.



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