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Manchester Shares the Love on Valentine’s Day

Manchester was spreading the love on Valentine’s Day this year.

The Good Neighbor Society invited the public to share Valentines with their nursing home residents. Many people jumped on board, including the City of Manchester. Manchester Mayor Connie Behnken and city council decided to spend some time after their meeting Monday night to prepare something special for them.

Council member Tania Bradley:


GNS Community Development Director Jessie Tibbott says they cannot thank the community enough for the love they shared – from homemade cards to homemade treats and gifts. The residents enjoyed steak dinners, desserts and a music concert on Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. They also crowned their 2023 Valentine’s King and Queen, Billie Welcher and Joann Harris.

And RMC’s patients got some love too. The students at St. Mary’s School in Manchester delivered handmade Valentine’s Day cards to Regional Medical Center on Tuesday. Patients like Brik Bockenstedt in the RMC Medical-Surgical/ICU department were given some extra love – all thanks to the St. Mary’s Extended Care program. RMC says they appreciate the thoughtfulness.

photos courtesy of RMC and Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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