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Nominees Announced for Dyersville Chamber’s Woman of the Year

The Dyersville Chamber has announced the nominees for Woman of the Year.

This year’s nominees are Ashley Hall, Christa Kay McLane, Emily Snedden, Jayme Lammers, Kami Boffeli, Monika Steffen and Vicki Recker. 

The reasons for their nominations are listed below:

Ashley Hall “A mother of four, epitomizes strength and love. Despite facing challenges like her child’s cancer diagnosis and her own risky pregnancy, she fundraises for pediatric cancer causes and supports families dealing with alopecia. Her selflessness and generosity inspire admiration for her commitment to helping others.”

Christa Kay McLane “Exemplifies qualities like hard work and kindness. With 25 years of expertise in X-ray and mammography, she’s dedicated to her field. Beyond work, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and photography. Through “Lasting Beauty by Christa,” she offers services like microblading. Despite a busy schedule, she prioritizes family and cares for her five adopted kittens, showcasing her loving nature.”

Emily Snedden “President of the St. Francis Xavier School Association, spearheads innovative fundraisers like Trunk or Treat and the Xavier 5K, engaging both the school and the public. Despite her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, she manages an online support group, inspiring others to prioritize their health. Emily’s dynamic personality shines through her engaging spin classes and cardio sessions at Total Fitness. Her positivity is contagious, making her a delight to be around.”

Jayme Lammers “Dedicated community supporter known for her efforts in Farley and Dyersville. She organizes local markets, runs Cottonwood Custom Tees, and supports her husband’s volunteer work. Her initiative, Wave To The Brave, aids children at Stead Family Children’s Hospital, showcasing her commitment to community betterment.”

Kami Boffeli “For 8 years, Kami has volunteered with the St. Francis Xavier School Association (XSA), leading the Quarterly XSA Can Drives and the Annual Battle of the Bartenders Event. Her dedication greatly benefits the school community. Kami also serves as a Trustee on the James Kennedy Public Library Board, contributing to the Facilities and Fundraising Committees and participating in library events.”

Monika Steffen “K-4 Behavior Specialist at Dyersville Elementary since 2013, previously served as a Special Needs Educator for 5 years. She provides supplies, snacks, clothing, and winter weather wear for her students, going above and beyond. Monika’s classroom offers a safe space for students to reset and refocus, demonstrating her passionate dedication and exceptional patience in a challenging role.”

Vicki Recker “A lifelong resident of Dyersville, highlights her quiet but significant contributions to the community. As an art teacher at Western Dubuque High School for over two decades, Vicki’s impact extends beyond the classroom through her involvement in various activities like Homecoming decorations and leading the art club. Despite facing personal struggles, including an ALS diagnosis, Vicki remains resilient, spreading joy and inspiration with her unwavering spirit and grace.”

The 2024 Woman of the Year will be announced at the Dyersville Chamber’s Women’s Night event on April 17th.

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