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Monday’s Delaware County Fair 4-H & FFA Winners

The 2022 Delaware County Fair kicked off on Monday with Conference Project Judging. 4-H and FFA members showed off their talents and skills with hundreds of projects from restored tractors to homemade bread. Many projects are heading to the Iowa State Fair in August. Here are the results courtesy of ISU Extension & Outreach Delaware County:


Animals/Ag and Natural Resources

           Karli Postel

            Nolan Hemann

            Alternate—Jenna Sperfslage

            Alternate—Madeline Fink

Science, Engineering, and Technology

           Joseph Gerst

            Hailey Davis

            Shane Deutmeyer

            Clay Gaul

            Courtney Goedken

            Kael Gaul

            Tyler Hoeger

            Shennahan Smith

            Alternate—Derek Bonert

            Alternate—Layne Postel

            Alternate—Isabell Kruse


           Ila Fontaine

            Kelsey Goebel

            Clay Gaul

            Jonathan McGovern

            Addison Stoerp

            Reese Rave

            Madeline Fink

            Ella Recker

            Morgan Hoeger

            Isabell Kruse

            Alternate—Nicholas Klaren

            Alternate—Kael Gaul

            Alternate—Jack Smith

Food and Nutrition

           Ella Pettlon

            Logan Voelker

            Maci Cook

            Anthony Gerst

            Kendra Lux

            Claire Gaul

            Allison Porter

            Alternate—Brianna Pirc

            Alternate—Gabby Westhoff

            Alternate—Tyler Hoeger

$10 Meal Challenge

            Morgan Hoeger

            Alternate—Ruby Recker

Personal Development/Music/Health

Brianna Pirc

Tyler Hoeger

Alternate—Sadie Schnieders

Alternate—Addison Stoerp

Visual Arts

           Kate Loecke

            Maya Smith

            Ila Fontaine

            Maya Smith

            Sophia Dunkel

            Madeline Fink

            Paige Domeyer

            Alternate—Madie Deutmeyer

            Alternate—Kelsey Goebel

Home Improvement

           Anna Sperfslage

            Kaitlyn Besler

            Micah Hahn

            Joseph Gerst

            Morgan Hoeger

            Morgan Hoeger

            Kelly Snyder

            Rylee Domeyer

            Brianna Pirc

            Alternate—Billy Krapfl

            Alternate—Taylor Domeyer

Child Develop/Clothing & Fashion/Sewing and Needle Arts/Consumer & Management/Other

           Maci Cook

            Kirstyn Kolbet

            Caleb Stocks

            Kate Loecke

            Alternate—Lainey Knipper

            Alternate—Natalie Besler

Communication Poster

Annie Gulick

Ila Fontaine

Dog Show

Champion Pre-Novice A-Madeline Fink

Reserve Champion Pre-Novice A-Gabriel Long

Champion Pre-Novice B -Brett Uribe

Reserve Champion Pre-Novice B -Emma Reth

Champion Agility On-Leash-Ryleigh Moriarity

Champion Dog Showman -Brett Uribe

Horse Show 

Champion Pony—Azalea Verlhulst

Reserve Champion Pony—Addison Blush

Champion Western Horse—Khloe Glew

Reserve Champion Western Horse—Lacy Reth

Champion Non-Western Horse-Katie Schwartzhoff

English Walk/Trot Level 1-Marley Wagnor

English Walk/Trot Level 3-Khloe Glew

English Pleasure Class Level 2—Megan Beilby

English Pleasure Class Level 3—Natalie Beilby

English Equitation Level 2—Malorie Putz

English Equitation Level 3—Maci Putz

Open Walk/Trot Level 1—Riley Burlage

Open Walk/Trot Level 2—Megan Beilby

Open Walk/Trot Level 3—Natalie Beilby

Pony Western Pleasure Level 1—Riley Burlage

Pony Western Pleasure Level 2—Azalea Verlhulst

Western Pleasure Horse Level 1—Anna Bertling

Western Pleasure Horse Level 2—Malorie Putz

Western Pleasure Horse Level 3—Natalie Beilby

Western Horsemanship Level 1—Riley Burlage

Western Horsemanship Level 2—Malorie Putz

Western Horsemanship Level 3—Natalie Beilby

Ranch Rail Horse Level 1—Marley Wagnor

Ranch Rail Horse Level 2—Malorie Putz

Ranch Rail Horse Level 3—Leah Thier

In-Hand Trail Level 1—Alaina Thier

In-Hand Trail Level 2—Azalea Verhulst

In-Hand Trail Level 3—Khloe Glew

Trail Level 1—Emma Reth

Trail Level 2—Malorie Putz

Trail Level 3—Macie Putz

Bareback Walk/Trot Level 1—Riley Burlage

Bareback Walk/Trot Level 2—Megan Beilby

Bareback Walk/Trot Level 3—Natalie Beilby

Tandem Bareback

Egg & Spoon Level 1—Alaina Thier

Egg & Spoon Level 2—Katelyn Beilby

Egg & Spoon Level 3—Natalie Beilby

Pole Bending Level 1—Marley Wagnor

Pole Bending Level 2—Azalea Verhulst

Pole Bending Level 3—Leah Thier

Flag Race Level 1—Emily Gudenkauf

Flag Race Level 2—Azalea Verhulst

Flag Race Level 3—Leah Thier

Barrel Racing Level 1—Riley Burlage

Barrel Racing Level 2—Azalea Verhulst

Barrel Racing Level 3—Leah Thier

Handy Horse Level 1—Emily Gudenkauf

Handy Horse Level 2—Megan Beilby & Azalea Verhulst

Handy Horse Level 3—Macie Putz

Champion Junior Horse Showman-Megan Beilby

Reserve Champion Junior Horse Showman—Caleb Crane

Champion Intermediate Horse Showman—Natalie Beilby

Reserve Champion Intermediate Horse Showman—Khloe Glew

Champion Senior Horse Showman—Maci Putz

Reserve Champion Senior Horse Showman—Emerson Kremer

Pen of 3 and Cow-Calf Show

Champion Pen of 3-Caleb Krogmann

Reserve Champion Pen of 3-Austin Schnieders

Champion Rate of Gain Pen-Caleb Krogmann

Champion Beef Carcass Live-Cole Gogel

Champion Cow Calf Under 2 Years of Age-Ryan Hilby

Reserve Champion Cow Calf Under 2 Years of Age-Aliza Steger

Champion Mature Cow Calf-Ben Lueck

Reserve Champion Mature Cow Calf-Ashleigh Hartman


Tune in to KMCH throughout the week to hear from some of these winners during our “Meet the Champions” segments with Justin Roberts, with videos posted on kmch.com!

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