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Delaware County Canvasses City & School Election Results

Delaware County held their Tier 1 Canvass on Monday afternoon.

There are no major changes to the results following last Tuesday’s city and school elections.

Individual write-in votes have been broken down since the election, with those results now released by the Delaware County Auditor’s Office.

For the West Delaware School Board’s At-Large position, there were no candidates listed on the ballot, but Luke Imsland ran as a write-in. Imsland received 309 of the 399 write-in votes cast. Auditor Carla Becker says Imsland’s election to the school board will be made official after the County Board of Supervisors hold their Tier 2 Canvass next Monday. 

For the NICC Board of Trustees District 4 seat (to fill a vacancy), Dean Sherman received 277 of the 364 write-ins. Delaware County will forward those numbers to the Dubuque County Auditor, who will perform the Tier 2 Canvass for that position next week. 

In the Manchester City Council’s Ward 1 race, Sherman received 115 of the 118 write-in votes. Joe Dittrick has been acknowledged as the winner of that race, receiving 129 votes.

The Delaware County Auditor has requested a recount for the Manchester City Council Ward 3 race between incumbent Bill Scherbring and challenger Ron Mortenson. Scherbring received 179 votes, while Mortenson received 173. Becker says since the City of Manchester is a runoff city, that means that the winner of any city race must meet a certain threshold to be elected (not just receive the most votes). If you add all the votes cast and counted for the office (179 Scherbring, 173 Mortenson and 4 write-ins equals 356), divide that number by two (356/2 equals 178) and add one (178 +1 equals 179) – that is the number of votes needed by a candidate to win without going to a runoff election. Since Scherbring received exactly that many votes, a recount will be held to confirm his re-election to the Manchester City Council. The County has not yet set a date for that recount.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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