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Work Continues on West Delaware Building Project, School Starting August 30th

Construction on West Delaware’s building project continues, but officials say they’ll be able to start school at the end of the month.

Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey says West Delaware’s first day of school will be Tuesday, August 30th.

West Delaware voters approved the $20 million bond referendum for the building project last year, with work beginning this year. Dr. Rickey says the project will be a huge benefit for West Delaware students and staff, especially the updates to the HVAC systems.

The building project also means new plumbing, new carpet, LED lighting, new science labs and renovated media centers. Rickey says a lot of people have been working very hard on this project – with around one hundred to two hundred people working on site every day – but supply chain issues right now are a big challenge, which means there will still be some construction work going on throughout the upcoming school year, mainly this fall.

Rickey says she realizes there may be some parents concerned that they are still doing some work during the school year, but she says safety is their top priority.

And a huge improvement that Dr. Rickey thinks families will be really happy about – the new bus lanes at Lambert and the Middle School.

Rickey knows the West Delaware building project is causing some disruptions, but she promises it will be worth it.

This year’s building project is happening mostly at West Delaware High School and Middle School in Manchester, with Lambert Elementary getting their turn next year. 

And you can check out behind-the-scenes video updates from the past few weeks on the West Delaware Facebook page – you can find them all at (a few are posted below)!

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