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Bring Me My Lunch Day 14 Winner – Andy White

It’s Day 14 of the “KMCH, Bring Me My Lunch” contest!

For the past three weeks around 8:35 am, we’ve called a local farmer on their cell phone – and if they’ve answered their phone by saying, “KMCH, Bring Me My Lunch”, that’s exactly what we’ve done! We’ve delivered them lunch for four from one of our local participating restaurants.

Congratulations to Andy White, who farms south of Worthington – our winner of the “KMCH, Bring Me My Lunch” contest on Thursday, October 14th! Andy answered his phone correctly on our first try this morning. KMCH News Director Janelle Tucker delivered lunch to Andy and his dad, Allan, from Brew & Brew in Dyersville, along with some goodies from the Delaware County Pork Producers and the contest’s exclusive sponsor, Simon’s Grain & Feed. Listen to our interview with Andy here:

Farmers, there’s just one day left in the contest! And there’s still time to enter – just get your name and cell phone number to us by calling the station at (563) 927-6249 or our studio line at (563) 927-8808 or you can sign up online at

Tune in Friday morning around 8:35 am as KMCH Farm Director Justin Roberts makes the call – and find out who will be our final winner of the 2022 harvest season!

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